June 12, 2017

Loss Of 13.8 Billion For UK Gamblers

Gambling is a massive problem around the world for many people and one which only looks to get worse with it becoming easier by the day to place a bet on your favorite event. You can now look down to your smartphone and see hundreds of different events to place a bet on and do so within seconds. Anyone who places a bet will be thinking about winning big and hoping they are lucky enough to get a bit of extra cash. That’s why it is no surprise to us that the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission confirmed that the public lost a record-breaking figure of 13.6bn in the last year. That is a truly astonishing number and proves that more should be done to tackle gambling problems throughout Britain.

GambleAware has recently called for more funding in order to support gamblers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland after their donation target of 10 million wasn’t hit. There have also been calls for Fixed Odds betting terminals to be monitored and capped with some people spending hundreds of pounds in a short amount of time. However this cap has not yet come in place and we have seen a rise in the amount spent on these machines, coming to a total of 1.82 billion pounds. This is likely to make activists case stronger if anything and force the new rules through quicker. Both the Labor and Liberal Democrat party have made a pledge to restrict the maximum stake should they get into power!

Betting on Football was also a massive player in 2016 with bookmakers receiving an estimated three hundred and thirty-three million pounds in profits from the sport. This is a figure we expect to rise year on year due to more young sports fans getting into the industry. The remote gambling sector accounted for around 32% of the overall betting market in the UK and brought in a gross gaming yield of 4.5bn between October 2015 and September 2016. Online Casino gaming also brought in a large sum at 2.4bn, 66% of this was through slots games.

National Lottery also brought in sales of around Seven and a half Billion pounds, although that number is astonishing that still represents a 3% fall from the same time in the previous period. But they also increased the amount donated to charities, hospitals etc by 9. We saw the number of Bingo halls around the United Kingdom fall by 5.7 percent which many people have blamed for the sudden drop in sales from Six Hundred and Eight Eight million to Six Hundred and Eighty-Two.

Thank you for reading and we hope that you learned everything you wanted to about the UK’s gambling losses and where they came from! We hope you visit the site again in the near future for your daily scoop of all the latest gambling news…

June 12, 2017

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