June 14, 2017

Pennsylvania Takes Another Step Towards Allowing Online Gambling

A gaming expansion bill recently managed to pass through the State Senate, this will allow a variety of online betting games and betting operators to open up shop online! Although it will also mean that the Pennsylvanian lottery will be available online in the near future. One of the reasons the Senate passed this bill so quickly was is probably the health of the State Lottery. Because of the amount that the Lottery has had to donate to other causes they will need to find a way to bring in more revenue. A lot of seniors have benefited from State Lottery donations to things such as providing tax rebates and subsidizing Bus rides!

The Pennsylvanian lottery is clearly a key part of the city and also plays an essential role in keeping certain services afloat. Without expanding into the online sector it is likely the lotteries Health would continue to deteriorate and this will have a detrimental effect on lots of senior services. The bill passed by a vote of 38-12 which shows how much support there actually is for online gambling.

Around the world there has been a massive surge In the number of people betting online, this comes as no surprise for many different reasons. The first of which is that the younger generation are now getting into gambling and they will prefer to use an online service than actually go into the shop (in most cases). This is because everything is in the palm of your hand, whether it be the State/National Lottery, an online Casino Game or placing a bet on your favorite sporting event.

A spokesman for the Pennsylvanian Lottery said: “We’re pleased the Senate recognized the need for the Pennsylvania Lottery to modernize by selling games online, which will help us to meet our players where they already are and remain competitive in a rapidly evolving gaming environment,”… “Expanding into Lottery games will help us to generate the long-term, sustainable profit growth necessary to maintain the Lottery’s funding of vital services for older Pennsylvanians.”

The Lottery expects to have brought in revenues that are around 2.3% less than it generated in the previous year. This has been blamed on the fact that the Jackpots have been nowhere near as big, therefore meaning people aren’t persuaded to have a gamble. There has been a shift in power recently seeing the instant games become more popular than your typical lottery draw. Scratch off tickets/Scratch cards is increasing in popularity and in 2015-16 counted for 67% of the $4 billion spent on Lottery games!

It is estimated that by allowing the State Lottery to offer online games an extra $19 million in revenue will be generated for the Lottery fund. This will have a profound effect on the services that need support and will also see many other gambling operators benefit. This is because online Casino games and much more to be opened also! Thank you for reading and if you want to learn more about the gambling news from around the world then make sure you check out some of our other articles.

June 14, 2017

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