August 5, 2017

Slovakia Blacklist online gambling sites

A recent list released by Slovakia included 10 online gambling sites that they plan to ban in the near future. Not every major Bookmaker has been banned but they have picked a couple such as , Bwin and 888 holdings. This is not good news for bookmakers as it could mark the start of the end for many gambling sites across Europe in the coming years, not just Slovakia!


In the past couple of years online gambling has become one of if not the most popular form of betting. Not only is it a lot more accessible now but also appeals to a massive market. Young people are much more likely to use online gambling services as they can be entered within a couple of minutes. No matter what device you’re on as long as there is an internet connection you will be able to place a bet.


These bans are part of Slovakia’s new regulations, they have completely revamped everything. Operators in the country will now have to pay a 27% tax on all gross gambling revenue. At the same time, they’ve also preserved the state owned online Casino and Poker Monopoly. This could be a good way for them to increase their own revenue in the long run! Although the earnings brought in by the banned bookmakers were not huge the government ran poker and casino site will now be seen as the best option by most gamblers in Slovakia.


Although the bans have not yet been put into effect the Slovakian government have asked bookmakers to shut their online sites voluntarily and many have done. The Ministry of Finance issued a note saying it had issued warnings to a total of 17 online gambling operators, of the seven that weren’t on the blacklist two withdrew voluntarily while five 10 more have been given 10 days to terminate their local operations. Court orders are being sorted out by the ministry if they haven’t already been finished by the time you are reading this!


Slovakia is not the only country that are shaking things up in the gambling world. Europe seems to be having a bit of a battle with online gambling sites with France and Poland also taking a second look at their legislation! This isn’t good news for bookmakers and we may see many more Blacklists being released in the next couple of months/years! Although it isn’t likely the same companies will be picked by different countries.


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August 5, 2017

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