August 7, 2017

Sydney Council Request Freeze on Slot Machines

Slot machines have caused a lot of controversies not only in Australia but around the world in the past couple of years, and for all the wrong reasons. Many people have called them the “crack of gambling” and blamed them directly for many peoples gambling addictions. It is very likely we will soon see the maximum stake that is allowed to be placed drop massively in the UK. This is after many families have been destroyed by these addicting and high stake machines.


Recently the amount of money spent on Slot machines in Australia has dramatically increased to worrying numbers. You can easily thousands of Dollars in no time at all on one of these machines, this is obvious by the fact that Australians spent $8 Billion in just the 2015/16 financial year. This figure is truly astonishing and shows that this problem is getting out of hand, and quickly!


Sydney Council have recently put a plea forward to the Government to put a freeze on Slot Machines. They have said that the State Government regulator, Independent Liquor, and gaming Authority all need to seriously consider capping the number of slot machines that can be run in already “vulnerable” areas. Many members of the public don’t realize how badly gambling addiction has hit certain areas of the country and the bookmakers will do everything they can to stop you from reading about this.


Gambling can lead to many serious issues such as Homelessness, depression, losing children to social services and much more. This is not something we want to see get worse and residents in areas which have lots of gambling addicts are much more likely to witness or be a part of a crime. The Sydney Council have said “No public good can be achieved within communities with high levels of gambling, such as Fairfield, for any further development of the gaming industry or any additional increases in gaming revenue”.


Fairfield which happens to be ranked as one of the poorest, and most disadvantaged areas in the whole of Sydney has unbelievable numbers of Slot Machines in the area. In just 18 Pubs and 20 clubs there are 3836 Poker Machines in Operation. We had to double check if that figure was correct because it really did amaze us, but unfortunately it is. Greens MP, Justin Fields stated “NSW has allowed de facto casinos in our local communities that are ripping billions of dollars from local people and taking a toll on families and individuals. The government must now play its part and give pokies-impacted communities like Fairfield support for a freeze and then reduction in machine numbers.”


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August 7, 2017

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